The New Thane of Cawdor

By: King Duncan

Nearing the end of a long deathly battle against the King of Norway and the Macdonwalds, I came across a wounded and bloody captain who helped Duncan’s son in battle. I was so grateful for him for bringing my son out of battle alive and well by escaping capture. Since I had not been in battle for a couple of days I decided to ask the Captain exactly what was happening on the battlefields. He informed me that the battle was not looking too good due to the forces of Macdonwald’s that kept arriving from Ireland and the West Isles. . I was worried this would happen since our numbers of troops have been declining and people are not enlisting to fight for their country as they used to which makes me disappointed. Then, the Captain proceeded to tell me that the brave Macbeth fought through the swarm of fighting men to get to Macdonwald and end this bloody battle once and for all. Macbeth approached Macdonwald and disemboweled him until his guts were all over the ground. Everyone thought the battle was over until it flared up again when the Norwegian Lord brought new men to the field ready to fight. However on our side, Banquo and Macbeth were not scared by the new number of men on the other side of the battle. They just figured that they needed to fight just as hard in order to win.

Even though i was King, I had no idea if we were able to win this second battle because at that time, the injured Captain began to feel faint and was ushered to see a surgeon. Thankfully, the Thane of Ross arrived just in time to announce that the Thane of Cawdor was a traitor who was secretly fighting against us with the King of Norway and must be stopped at once. I had no idea what to do. I trusted the Thane of Cawdor with many things and to find out that he was a traitor was beyond my imagination. As usual, Macbeth came to the rescue of our nation when he did well against the new strong army.

Since Macbeth had basically saved our nation from the King of Norway and the Macdonwalds and the old Thane of Cawdor had to be executed, it was only acceptable for the new title of Thane of Cawdor go to the man who saved out country in battle, Macbeth. Macebth was after all responsible for our victories.  After I came to this conclusion, I sent Ross, a noblemen, out to inform Macbeth of the great news even though he was already Thane of Glamis.

Later, I became acquainted with Macbeth, Ross, Banquo and Angus when they informed me that the old traitor Thane of Cawdor confessed and was rightfully dead. They then pledged their loyalty to me and Macebth excuses himself saying that he must return home. After he left, the rest of us decided to pay the new Thane of Cawdor a visit and to wish his wife happiness on her husbands new found title.

Music Element: I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, Tim Rice and Elton John

Going Insane

By: Doctor

As soon as I arrived into the castle of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, I was ushered upstairs so the Gentlewoman could explain to me exactly what has been going on with the Queen, Lady Macbeth. The Gentlewoman began by explain to me that Lady Macbeth gets up while she is sleeping and walks around mumbling things that she dare not repeat. In all of my years of being a doctor I have never heard of such a strange act, I became very curious as to what out beloved Queen was suffering from. As we continued talking, we heard footsteps heading in our direction and soon appeared Lady Macbeth holding a candle. She had her eyes wide open, but could not see us. Faintly she began to speak and began trying frantically to wash her hands of what she said was blood that she could not get off. I have never before seen anything like this state of mind that the Queen was now in. It was astonishing to me that she could be walking and have no sense that the Gentlewoman and myself were watching her the entire time. I began to write down everything that Lady Macbeth was saying while she was in her trance so that we could look over it after and assess her mental state. As the Queen kept talking about the blood, the Gentlewoman’s face turned into astonishment. The Queen was able to see this change emotion and actually talked to the woman telling her that she cannot look so startled because then she would ruin everything. At that point in time, I had no idea what the Gentlewoman was ruining but I was bound to find out. I could not believe that the Gentlewoman was about to blow our cover so I hushed her and told her that she needed to pretend as if we weren’t even there.

Lady Macbeth continued to talking about the blood on her hands that was never able to come off no matter how hard she tried. She then began to say “oh oh oh” which scared me, as a doctor, because i thought that something was seriously wrong. She sighed a heavy sigh which meant that her heart was carrying a heavy load of whatever was on her mind, possibly guilt of some sort. After assessing Lady Macbeth for a little while longer I came to the conclusion that her state of mind was beyond my medical skills. However, I have over the years met or known of people who have slept walk and their reason was because of guilt. The Queen began ordering someone to go to bed because Banquo was now dead, which was news to me. The Gentlewoman told me that this was true and things began making sense.

I could not just outwardly say that Lady Macbeth has a mental illness for the sake of my own life if the King found out what I knew. Before I left, I just informed the Gentlewoman to keep an eye on the Queen because she was not well and make sure that she stayed out of trouble. My heart goes out to her, even though she may be a murderer.

Music Element: Zzzz, The Cab


The Killing

By: Lady Macbeth

When I heard that my husband, Macbeth, had won the battle with Norway I was overjoyed and I could not wait until he arrived home. I knew that King Duncan would surely award him some great honor for all that he did for our country, I only wish it would be his title. It would be lovely to become queen and have everything done for me. I am thankful for everything I have now but it is fun to imagine how easy life would be as Queen. As I was awaiting the arrival of my beloved husband, my servant came to me saying that the King was on his way over. Then, all of a sudden, I had the perfect plan. I knew precisely how Macbeth and I were going to become King and Queen. As soon as King Duncan steps into the walls of my castle, he will not come out alive.

As soon as Macbeth arrived at home, I had to inform him of my plan to get the thrown. I told him about how great it would be to become King and Queen and made him think of all the possibilities we would have. All he said to me after was that we would talk about this further later. That statement scared me because I had no idea what that meant. Normally, I can read my husband very well but on this occasion I had no idea what his intentions for tonight were and if we were on the same page or not. I greeted King Duncan in the usual manner with grace and elegance. I welcomed him into our home with open arms and with every effort tried to make him feel at home. The King told me all about how honored he is to be in acquaintance with Macbeth and how he can not wait until Macbeth is brought to him.

Later that evening, Macbeth was questioning himself whether he should go through with the killing of the King or not. I had to step in and talk some sense into that man. I told him to grow up and stop acting like a child and just take care of the King so we could rule the land that was rightfully ours. In the end, my husband agreed to go through with the killing and left the rest up to me. When it was time, i struck the bell and the crime was committed. All was done with. I took the daggers from my husband’s hand and put them on the guards along with swiping them with blood. Macbeth was being a child and was upset and in a total state of awe. I made sure that he cleaned himself up and put on sleeping clothes to make it look as if he were asleep the whole time. As I sent him to get cleaned up I felt a sigh of relief. I would become Queen and my dear husband Macbeth would become King, this was everything we wished for and now it was all ours.

Music Element: Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous, Good Charlotte

Frankenstein Group Chat

When one is considered a victim, it does not always imply that they are the ones physically hurt. A victim can also be psychologically hurt, which in this case, Victor is the biggest victim in this book. Even though Victor did not get charged with the killing of William, as Justine was or get killed, as William was, he got hurt the most with his thought that are inside of him eating him up. The realization that Victor created such a creature that has caused such harm to other, especially ones he loved, is tearing him apart inside. He is struggling with the fact that if the creature was never created, William may still be alive and Justine would never have been accused of an act she never committed. Suffering from an act that you inflicted upon yourself with is the toughest to overcome. The pain that Victor is feeling, is self inflicted, which is making it difficult for Victor to let go of. It is eating him up inside which is causing Victor to begin to lose some of him mental stability.

 This novel most clearly connects with the issues and problems that Marlow faced in Heart of Darkness. Marlow begins to act and connect himself with the natives that he comes in contact with on his journey, similarly, Victor begins to fall apart mentally due to the creature he created. Also, Victor begins to connect with the creature he created as Marlow connected with the natives by becoming a part of them. With their connections, they tend to lean away from the acts of civilization and embody the people who they are surrounded by and who have influenced them the most. In general, people who you surround yourself begin to shape the person that you are.

The creature is never given a name becuase Victor wants nothing to do with what he created. At first, it was just one big experiment, which then transformed his life for the worst. Victor did not think about the consequences that would come from the creation of the creaure and therefor did not think of granting it a name. A name is what civilized people have and how you identify people, but Victor did not want the creature to become so civilized, he jsut did not care for the creature at all. Victor figured that his experiment was not important and would eventually just be all behind him and would not impact his life as much as he did. He figured that the importance of the creature was not of importance at all.

Modern Epic

 The Liberator

Foraging through an unknown land,

the United States troops ventured across Europe,

in anticipation of finding a hiding camp. (personification)

A large fenced area was stumbled upon,

filled with suffering, sicken, and strain faces. (alliteration)

The troops realized they were never going to get through,

due to the mass number of guards with guns,

guns as frightening as a stray dog bearing its teeth. (simile)

The troops trembled with terror, (alliteration)

by the sight of the guards at the camp.

They realized after seeing the prisoner’s faces,

this was a Nazi concentration camp, Dachau.

The troops gathered to discuss their plan of action,

not only for their safety but the safety of the prisoners as well.

One troop told a story of a great liberator,

Heinrich Wicker, whose name was known for courage.

The whole troop was intrigued,

and the presence of Wicker was requested.

               Wicker appeared on a dreary, dingy, and dismal day. (alliteration)

He proclaimed that he had a plan of liberation,

if he did not return from the camp in two hours,

the troops should begin to seize the camp.

               As soon as the great Wicker entered the camp,

He became under attack by the great strong leader of the camp, Gerd.

Wicker had nothing to defend himself with besides an old sharp-separator, (kenning-sword)

rusty as a nail. (simile)

 He began taking blows at the buff leader, (alliteration)

nothing seemed to injure him.

While the leader of the camp kept taking gun shots,

Wicker mustered up the courage to knock the gun out of Gerd’s hand.

Gerd was growing weak from dodging the knife,

which enabled Wicker to grab the gun and shoot Gerd,

ending the vicious battle between them.

The last cry of Gerd was heard,

music to the prisoner’s ears. (metaphor)

Wicker’s troops got the signal and began to attack the guards of the camp.

The guards were no longer and the prisoners taken to a safer place.

Challenge 2:Activity 7

I would love to visit Columbia. I love learning about different countries and cultures. I am half Brazilian and half of my family lives in Brazil and i go down to visit them every few years. Brazil is my favorite place in the world and i have a feeling if i went to Columbia i would also fall in love with it. I love eating South American foods and eating all of the different kinds of fruits that we don’t have in the United States.

Challenge 2:Activity 6

I love learning about other countries and their culture. I commented on a persons blog from Russia, Australia, Columbia, Canada, and Denmark.

1. I would very much like to go to Columbia because i love going to Brazil. Is Columbia more similar or different than Brazil?

2. What do people speak in Denmark?

3. Does Columbia have nice beaches since it is against the ocean?

4. Is Australia a nice place to live? Is it mostly cold or warm?

5. Does Russia have big historic kingdoms or castles?

6. Does Denmark have a lot of German influences?

Challenge 2:Activity 4

There are many fun activities to do in Frederick, Maryland all throughout the year. My favorite festival in my town is “In the Streets” which happens around the beginning of September. Its when the main street in downtown Frederick gets closed off and people walk around in the streets while listening to local music and eating local foods. These past two weeks, the Great Frederick Fair has been going on. It is basically a tradition in my town because we always get a Friday off to go to the fair. Many of my classmates who have animals share them at the fair. My favorite place at the fair is the birthing center. If you go to the fair you must stop by and see the little baby pigglets or see the cows giving birth. All baby animals are adorable.

Challenge 2: Activity 3

In New York i would suggest going into the city at night. It is beautiful to see the bright lights at Times Square. During the day, you should take a ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. If you want to be moved, you should check out the Ground Zero site and memorials.

When you visit California, you should go and visit Malibu and the beaches. They have gorgeous houses that are gigantic that are right on the water. I would also suggest visiting San Francisco. You should take a trolley ride through the city and visit Alcatraz Island. Lastly, you should drive out to eastern California and visit Lake Tahoe. The lake is gorgeous and there are many places for you to go swimming and hiking.

The best part when visiting Illinois is going to Chicago’s Navy Pier. It is fun to walk around and listen to music while getting a lovely view of the city. Millennium Park is fun to walk around in and to see concerts. Seeing the Bean and Gargoyles is also a great photo stop. Walking around Michigan Avenue is fun to go shopping in all of the stores and try on cute outfits.
Before leaving Chicago, you must try a vienna hotdog and Chicago style deep dish pizza.

When visiting Washington you should make sure to stop in Seattle. The city is full of life and has many great places to visit. I would highly suggest taking a underground tour of Seattle. It is an interesting way to learn about Seattle’s history and the tour guides are fantastic. I would also suggest visiting Pike Place Market and stopping at all the market stalls that sell a wide variety of goods, from paintings to fish. The Market is right by the water and gives you a picturesque view of Seattle’s harbor. Lastly, you shouldn’t leave the city without experiencing it’s vibrant art life.

Lastly, when you visit British Columbia you should make sure to stop by in Victoria and Vancouver. When visiting Vancouver you should go and see the Olympic Village from the 2010 Winter Olympics. Also, there are many places to enjoy the outdoors. In Victoria, you should walk around the streets near the Harbor where there are a variety of shops and street performances.